bloggista is a personal blog maintained by augel.

augel is a person of highly intelligentine nature trying to make a living by sitting (on a quasi-comfortable chair) the whole night staring at the computer doing nothing.

augel likes to watch movies. she especially likes the kind where the protagonist ends up dead. yikes… not really. in truth, augel is just an old softie and a bit too emotional.

augel has psychotic tendencies. fair warning is ensued to the readers. please proceed with caution.

all content are subject to copyright laws. errr –> wink, wink, wink


augel has watched the ff. movies at least 1000x (really?!)
- the sound of music, braveheart, legends of the fall, gattaca, troy, lord of the rings trilogy, harry potter series, beauty and the beast, aladdin, monsters inc, finding nemo… uhum..

augel most of the time watches these on tv:
- csi, queers eye for the stright guy, project runway, gilmore girls, iron chef, charmed (reruns), dexter’s lad, spongebob squarepants, fosters home foe imaginary friends, yakitate japan, anything interesting on national geographic… grin, grin, grin

augel loves to eat
- chococolates, ice cream, chocolates, lasagna, chocolates… wehehehe

augel dreams most of
- travelling the whole world.. wanna come? :)