Gone Swimming: Sandbar at Concepcion, Iloilo

May 26, 2008 – 11:35 pm

After some time, I finally got a chance to unwind a little bit. The beach outing had been planned for quite some time but the weather had not been good so there was some doubt if the plan would push through.

waiting for me

As always, I was late in arriving. The agreed meeting time was 7-8 am but I arrived 8:30 am. I was quite embarrassed because they were all waiting for me, granted that I’m not totally acquainted with them all (I could say was gatecrashing because they were all barkadas and I was only acquainted with a few of them). But they were really great people and I never felt out place once.


Here we are on the van going to Concepcion. The whole drive was very smooth sailing, comfortable and only took a little over 2 hours.

(from left: Rei, Eaves, Oliver, Elena, Jimmy, Mark, me, Marco, Cay, Sha, Teng – Mark Ian is MIA)

We were dropped off at Conception’s marketplace where we stopped over to buy fish and other supplies. We also ate our lunch in a carinderia there.


A 20-minute boat ride will take you to the Sandbar island. Here is our first view:


first view from the boat


we're here

We’re here!




Just having some fun on the beach…



We hung-out for a bit…

hanging out

And cooked our own food



And all through the night…

music and drinks

…t’was filled with fun (friends, music and drinks!)


music and drinks


















Sandbar Concepcion

beautiful views


Sandbar Concepcion


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