Top Reason Why You Should Lay-off Facebook For Awhile

July 30, 2008 – 11:08 am


Unless you want to want to be in a situation like this:

Facebook Guy: (knock10x)

Poor Guy:  Hello?

FBGuy: POKE! Edward Baxter! It’s me, Tom from school!

PGuy:  Oh…

FBGuy: We sat next to each other in Math! We didn’t get on, remember?

PGuy: Yeah…

FBGuy: Do you want to be my friend?

PGuy: What?

FBGuy: DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND, Confirm or Ignore?

PGuy:  Alright…

FBGuy: Great! Where did we meet?

PGuy: You know where we met.

FBGuy: Do you want to skip this step?

PGuy: We met at school!

FBGuy: Ok, Are you in a relationship?

PGuy: I’ve got to go…

FBGuy:  Is it complicated? It’s complicated.

Ok, What are you looking for?

Friendship,Dating, Whatever you can get…?

Let’s just say Random Play…

Hahaha… This is comically scary.

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